In englischer Sprache

Mit Endre M. Holéczy

Für Jugendliche von 14 - 18 Jahre

Be it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or other forms of social media, we are constantly producing images of our selves. By doing so we become the directors, performers and editors of these selfies. As such, we need role-models, prototypes, heroes, myths, stories, movies and movie-stars to consciously or unconsciously guide us. This workshop sets out to examine the different forms of circling self-images and to decipher the reality gaps between self-image and self-realities. At the same time as we examine the impact of these selfies in our daily lives, we have to ask ourselves – how many social-media avatars are we co-existing with? A goal for this workshop is to develop a space in which we can lay out an archive of selfies and the selfies of selfies, and by doing so, try to understand the mechanisms at hand in this circle of life – or rather, circle of selfies.

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Ilka Zänger
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