The Life and Death of Martin Luther King

Ab 16

In English

ADGE/ArtPromotion and TNT Theatre Britain

Play by Paul Stebbings and Phil Smith

It is five troubled years since the words „I have a dream” shook Washington and the world. Martin Luther King stands on the balcony of a Memphis motel, exhausted and troubled. His liberal allies in government have deserted him for his opposition to Vietnam, his leadership of the Civil Rights movement is challenged by the radical followers of Malcolm X who accuse him of selling out to the white establishment, his own staff fears he has lost direction as he broadens his targets to include poverty itself, and above all his creed of non-violence is mocked and outflanked by extremists. Seconds after he reaches the balcony to take fresh air a shot rings out. Martin Luther King falls and dies in the arms of his friends. The greatest political visionary of the twentieth century lies dead. Our new play explores how this came about, following the spiritual and political journey of this once humble preacher to the status of icon and, tragically, martyr.